Below are descriptions and examples of some of Wikia's current custom video formats.

Fan Vs. Critic

Wikia super-fans represent their communities in a crossfire-like discussion with critics from Rotten Tomatoes. The result? A fast-paced, heated, yet fun discussion focusing on the latest episodes from Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.


Gamers and entertainment buffs across Wikia battle against each other in a fast-paced, Jeopardy-like quiz show with a unique twist: Everyone asks the questions!

Fan Brain

Wikia’s “Fan Brain” series puts the accumulated knowledge compiled by some of our largest communities to video, unearthing fun pieces of trivia associated with Easter egg heavy TV shows like Arrow and Agents of SHIELD.


User comments and/or facts pulled directly from relevant Wikias are used to provide “pop-up” style annotations for the latest movie, TV and video game trailers.

Showcase Series

Active Wikia contributors, Hollywood celebrities, and industry professionals participate in these moderated discussions around topics trending in games, movies, TV, books, music, and lifestyle subjects. These forums combine the expertise of our users with unique discussion points posed directly from our communities.

Fan Reaction

Wikia's army of Superfans capture the breaking news from the largest pop culture conventions and trade shows around the world in these real-time, informative snapshots.

Wikia Fan Media

Our biggest and most active communities collaborate to bring their amazing content to life in the form of unique, timely videos.

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