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This page contains examples of how you can use templates to integrate video into your wiki.


To point to the video wiki, you can use this generic Video Footer:
For more videos check out Fandom's video library

Simply use the template code {{w:VideoFooter}} on your wiki and the template above will be displayed.


If you would like to customize the link to to point directly to search results for your topic, you can use a customized template.

To create this do the following:

  • Upload the Wikia video libary logo, which you can access at File:Videoswiki.png
  • Search for your wiki's topic here, and save the url
  • Create a template on your wiki called Template:VideoFooter
  • Paste the following code there:
{| class="WikiaArticleCategories" style="margin:0px; padding:3px; font-size:14px; letter-spacing: -0.01em; width: 100%;" |<center> [[File:Videoswiki.png|link=]] For more '''Pirates of the Caribbean videos''' check out [ Wikia's video library]</center> |}
  • Change the link for search results to the link you saved when searching for your own topic (the link here is for searching pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Adjust the text to reflect the name of your wiki
  • To use the template on a page, use the template code {{VideoFooter}}

To see an example in action stop by the Pirates of the Caribbean wiki: Pirates video footer template

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