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Mass Effect - Feros Part 1: Arriving on Feros, the crew of the Normandy find that the small colony is over-run by Geth. Sheppard has to get to the ExoGeni headquarters to stop the Geth attack and discover what they're after.

Category: Gameplay

Keywords: Mass Effect

Tags: husk, commander, tesoni, pc, n7, mako, garrus, clone, spectre, renegade, alenko, specter, normandy, earth, kill, warrior, soni, armature, wrex, fight, feros, quarian, officer, vakarian, paragon, spare, ship, sovereign, nar, murder, spores, ea, archeologist, liara, 1, entertainment, labs, lieutenant, turian, biotic, sniper, creeper, exogeni, alien, rescue, fem, mass, save, kaiden, rayaa, gameplay, captain, soldier, stealth, war, female, die, effect, defeat, games, benezia, engineer, death, battle, ign, korgan, thorian, guns, weapons, laboratory, tsoni, csec, space, spaceship, saren, lab, mercenary, colonists, alliance, first, tali, sheppard, character, c, xbox-360, one, list, zora, krogan, mass-effect, williams, t, asari, bioware, matriarch, military, masters, compilation, play, sapper, geth, scientist, sec, destroy, warriors, doctor, aliens, gunnery, ashley, chief

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